Pre|Post Fitness & Wellness came out of a series of conversations about what a Chiropractor and a Personal Trainer felt was missing from their respective industries. The Gym and Fitness industry and the medical industries could and should complement each other. As our lifestyles become easier with the combination of technology and deliveries, our industries become even more crucial. Our bodies are designed to move in specific ways, when we spend a large part of our days not moving we can lose the ability to move correctly. It is when we are out of alignment and try to perform everyday tasks where we get into trouble. The body can heal itself if put in the right environment to do so.

Enter Pre|Post Fitness and Wellness, the environment to heal. A combination of Chiropractic’s to help deeply engrained misalignments, Postural Exercises to remind the muscles how to move the bones, and Corrective Exercises to strengthen and prepare the body for everyday movements.

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