Posture Therapy

All clients can benefit from Posture exercises. Posture therapy’s goal is to not only get your body into alignment but to keep you in alignment, so you can heal, or live your life free of pain. No two injuries are the same, they can have the same medical diagnoses, but their causes and treatments can be night and day different. At Pre|Post Fitness and Wellness we want to help educate about pain’s role in our lives. Pain is a signal, and we want to teach you how to interpret and manage that signal.

Not in pain? It can still be helpful to understand how you sit, stand, walk and run. Most of the problems we face with our health care because we didn’t take care of ourselves before signals began.

Every Client at Pre|Post Fitness and Wellness gets a Postural Assessment and a list of exercise tailored to them specifically at the time (the body will adapt and we adapt with it). Whatever the goal, whatever the diagnoses, whatever the circumstances.

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