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Posture Therapy

Posture Alignment Therapy (Using the Egoscue Method) is an exercise training process that uses your body weight and gravity to improve your skeletal alignment and balance, naturally eliminating your causes of chronic pain and physical constraints.

Egoscue Method

Egoscue is postural therapy designed to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Usually, chronic pain treatments only address your symptoms or try to numb or mask your pain, Egoscue corrects the postural issues that are at the root of your ongoing discomfort. The “Egoscue Method” uses our therapists’ expertise combined with technology to address your posture and create a personalized exercise treatment to fix your body’s alignment & eliminate your pain.

Who’s Posture
Therapy For?

  • Those limited by chronic pain
  • Anyone lacking functional mobility
  • Competitive Athletes
  • Those who use repetitive motions every day, in their jobs & recreationally
  • Car accident victims
  • Those who want to maximize their health and well being

What to expect

How Long are My Sessions?

Our therapy sessions are custom made to meet your physical needs and designed to fit into your busy schedule. But usually they last 30 minutes to an hour.

Who’s Working With Me?

A well trained Egoscue-certified professional will be helping you in one on one sessions to get better. Our therapists have a deep understanding and passion for anatomy and postural correction.

What Equipment do I Need?

There is nothing you need to bring, we provide all the equipment at our facility, just come with an open mind and light comfortable clothes (By wearing light clothes, your therapist can see your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles better, which will help with your assessment. Your therapist might suggest home equipment (mats, foam rollers, balance ball etc.) but these tools are very affordable.

Is the Egoscue Method Challenging?

You’ll find our sessions are simple and easy to do. They will be a subtle challenge but never cause heavy discomfort or pain.

Benefits of
Posture Therapy

Naturally Treats Multiple Pains

  • Can benefit anyone having pain in the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle, and feet.
  • Naturally treats arthritis scoliosis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, disc degeneration, and a variety of other chronic pain symptom

Improved Posture

In general, Egoscue improves posture, which can decrease pain in the entire body, especially in your back.

Less Pain

Egoscue naturally reduces joint pain and can help you regain your full range of motion

Avoid Surgery

Many people who are successful with Egoscue oftentimes don’t have to have costly surgeries and a long recovery process. Often back and knee surgery can be avoided by correcting posture and alignment.

Long Term Results

Once we correct your alignment and you keep up your corrective exercises, you will enjoy long-lasting, even lifetime results. Of course, results can be affected by outside factors, such as; nutrition, weight management, stress reduction and removing unhealthy habits like smoking and frequent alcohol consumption.

Better Athletic Performance & Balance

The better your posture is the better your balance will be, with better posture comes better muscle balance, enabling your body to perform at a higher level with less effort.

    If you are in experiencing pain that won’t go away, and you need relief or if  you are not experiencing pain, but want maximum fitness results, our therapists offer a free Posture Analysis, call today (805) 4796800

    Posture Therapy Sessions

    • Is a one on one training session
    • 50 minutes long
    • Sessions can be purchased in increments of 8 or 16 sessions
    • In the first session, your therapist will go over your history, injuries, aches, doctor’s visits. Your therapist will discuss your goals, pain mitigation, weight loss, athletic performance, health maintenance, better posture or longevity.
    • Future sessions will start with posture photos, a functional dynamic movement warm-up, followed by a goal-oriented workout.

    Equipment Used 

    • Posture therapy utilizes specialized equipment that you can use for free at the pre-post facility or be mimicked using household “equipment” i.e; pillows, chairs, stairs, a wall, and the floor from home.
    • After you overcome pain or progress past posture therapy exercises, the equipment is all free weight oriented, dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, body balls, and TRX, which is a suspension trainer.

    Posture therapy has been shown to help from head to toe: headaches, TMJ, migraines, stiff neck, spinal stenosis, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, back pain (upper, middle and low), muscle pain (strains and “pulled” muscles) some cases of constipation, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain (generic because it helps with a wide variety of diagnoses), non-fracture ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, bunions and hammertoes. 


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    I came to the Pre | Post Fitness and Wellness center with severe back and leg pain. The care I got from the wellness center proved to be much more than I ever expected.

    Evan is a certified posture therapist, and in a couple of days, he stabilized my pain using a series of movements and poses... Read Full Testimonials.

    Glenn Evans

    I came to Evan in Sept 2015 when I quit my job due to health reasons-heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine and almost constant anxiety. I had swollen joints and constant severe muscle pain. I could barely walk up and down the hill to get my mail or upstairs without resting on the stairs. My legs were heavy, I was constantly tired and out of breath.  I didn’t know any other 40 year olds would not feel like this.  After two months I knew that was not the way one was supposed to feel.  After three months I lost 20 pounds, my migraine was gone, I could not only walk but also run, my swelling was gone, and my blood sugar was down ... Read Full Testimonials.

    Sonia Hua



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